HYDROSOL Superflex 2K

Dvokomponentna visoko elastična vodotesna masa
HYDROSOL Superflex 2K


HYDROSOL Superflex 2K is industrially prepared two-component product intended for the preparation of elastic waterproofing compound for watertight protection of vertical and horizontal surfaces such as bathrooms – where interior walls of lightweight buildings are usually made of gypsum-cardboards, on balconies, terraces and pools prior to the application of ceramic coatings, as well as for protection of parts of buildings built into the ground – tunnels, culverts, supporting and pillar walls, concrete fences and similar against intrusion of soil damp and water. 


  • It assures quality watertight protection for the positive and negative water pressure.
  • Industrially prepared two-component product. 
  • Elastic, with long-lasting watertight protection.
  • It prevents concrete degradation.
  • Grey colour.
  • Effectively protects parts of buildings against intrusion of soil damp.

Advantages of installation

  • Mortar compound is applied in two coats in total thickness of at least 2 mm
  • Excellent adhesion to the surface;
  • Easy and simple application to ceramic linings.


BrushSteel finishing trowelMixingTool cleaning with water


1,5 kg/m2 for a millimetre thick coat


Component A: paper bag holding 20 kg 

Component B: plastic containers holding 7,5 kg


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

HYDROSOL waterproof - zelenHYDROSOL - komponenta A - zelen
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