JUBIZOL Finish Summer additive

Summer additive for longer solidifying time of render finishes


TOP CHOICE for façade surfaces that are exposed to windy weather, temperatures from 25 to 35°C and relative humidity lower than 50% during the implementation of the JUBIZOL decorative render finish.


  • Additive for longer pot life of JUBIZOL Acryl/Unixil/Silicone finish render finishes
  • With the added additive, pot life is approximately doubled

The benefits of investor/contractor

  • It extends the implementation period of the finishing coat
  • It provides reliable and more efficient implementation and compliance with deadlines, regardless of weather conditions
  • It enables and facilitates installation of decorative render finishes under "limit" conditions
  • The additive does not affect the change in the render shade
  • Prevention of visible overlaps in high temperature and windy conditions;




  • clear 1,25 kg.


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

JUBIZOL- Energy saving system (transparent)
Dodatek za podaljševanje odprtega časa utrjevanja ometov
Dodatek za podaljševanje odprtega časa utrjevanja ometov
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