JUBIZOL installation elements


Installation elements

Description and field of application

JUBIZOL alu base bead

  • It is used for precise and simple installation of insulation boards in straight lines.
  • For precise installation of vertical facade plane.
  • Due to its drip-off edge, it prevents the possibility that water rills down along the plinth.
  • It enables precise implementation of a drip-off edge as well as reinforcement of the facade edge in transition from the facade surface to the facade plinth.
  • Widths: 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 mm.
  • Bead lenght: 2,50 m.

JUBIZOL reinforcement mesh

  • Alkaline resistant, vinyl-covered glass mesh, which complies with the ETAG 004 requirements.
  • Double reinforcement is done in case of greater temperature or mechanical loadings, and a single reinforcement with overlaps in normal conditions.
  • Size of mesh spaces: 4-5mm x 4-5mm.
  • Surface weight: 150 g/m2 ina a roll of 50 m2; 165 g/m2 in a roll of 50 m2.
  • It is used on the entire facade surface.

JUBIZOL PVC corner bead with mesh



  • PVC corner bead for reinforcement of 90˚ angles (interior and exterior angles).
  • It enables fabrication of level edges of reveal surfaces and outer edges.
  • It is used to prevent damages on outer facade edges.
  • Corner bead length: 2,5 m.

JUBIZOL flexible corner bead

  • Flexible corner bead with welded alkali-resistant plastic-glass net (VWS);
  • Used for the treatment of corners which are larger or smaller than 90 °
  • Fleksibilni vogalnik s privarjeno alkalno odporno plastificirano stekleno mrežico (VWS);
  • uporabljamo ga za obdelavo vogalov, ki so večji ali manjši od 90°.

JUBIZOL reveal bead

  • Used for fabrication of joints between windows and doors with facade.
  • It enables sealing of facade on the area of window and door frames.
  • It prevents the possibility of soaking on joints.
  • It follows facade elongations and prevents joints from cracking due to its elastic gasket.
  • It enables precise implementation of a joint, flat finishing lines, and the possibility of temporary binding of a protective film during facade implementation.
  • Mesh width: 100 mm; profile lenght: 2,5 m.

JUBIZOL draining bead


  • It forms a drip-off edge on the transition from a vertical facade surface to a horizontal one.
  • It prevents dripping of water from facade surface to window and door frames.
  • Mesh width: 100 mm; profile lenght: 2,5 m.

Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

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