AKRINOL Super grip

Primer for non-absorbent surfaces
AKRINOL Super grip


AKRINOL Super Grip is a medium rough coating based on styrene-acrylate binders and silicate fillers, of blue colour. It serves primarily as a bridge when fixing ceramic tiles to old ceramic linings. It is also used for coating old ceramic linings, very smooth concrete surfaces, OSB, CETRIS and gypsumcardboards, medium-density fibreboards (MDF), Marmorin (spatulato) and old, well-adhered coatings prior to fixing different linings and prior to application of levelling compounds.


  • Bridge when fixing ceramic tiles to old ceramic linings;
  • The surface to which AKRINOL Super Grip is applied should be clean, dry and without fat;
  • Concrete surfaces must be at least 28 days old (max. 3 % humidity);
  • blue colour.



BrushRollerMixingTool cleaning with water


Od 100 do 150 g/m2


Plastic containers holding 2 and 18 kilos.


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

AKRINOL - lepljenje na stare ploščiceAKRINOL - mikrovlakna
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