Management systems

Constant development and growth of JUB Group bring new challenges, which we address with successful cooperation and by satisfying interests of all our target audiences (customers, employees, owners, social and natural environment etc.). At JUB Group we are well aware that our long-tem financial success is dependent on partnering relations with our customers, as well as on social responsibility towards our employees and the environment. 

Our development is therefore not only focused on internal changes, but also on constant changes on the market. Steady increase in effectiveness through improvements, rationalization and automation of all business processes therefore remains the important challenge for JUB Group. We know that in the long-run we will increase productivity, measured by created added value, only with commitment to integrated and constant innovations at product as well as on services level and understanding of our customers while cooperating successfully with all other target groups. Policy of environment, health and safety is therefore an integral part of business policy and organizational culture of the company JUB. The quality of products and services and continuous improvement processes are among the key strategic orientations of the company. In pursuing these policies we have an integrated management system of the acquired certifications standards.


ISO 9001: 2008

In the company we acquired JUB standard quality management system in 1998. The resulting standard has contributed substantially to the effective process and quality management and and thus increase the satisfaction of our customers.

ISO 14001: 2004

Environmental standard ISO 14001 JUB acquired in 2001. The resulting standard is important to raise environmental consciousness off all employees, including senior management. The company is constantly concerned about how to prevent and reduce negative impacts on the environment. Regulatory requirements are met in full, and strive for continual improvement. We try that  all employees contribute to the protection of the environment.

OHSAS 18001: 2007

The standard management system of safety and health at work were obtained in 2006. Concern for safety and health of employees is one of the most important tasks in the company. Safe and healthy working environment has increased employee satisfaction. Workers are motivated to care alone for their safety and health at work. They can report all deficiencies to workers trustee anonymously.



The Responsible Care program we joined in 1999.

Responsible Care is a voluntary international initiative, developed and adopted by the associations of the chemical industry with the aim of improving effects on employee health, occupational safety and environmental impact and involvement of local communities and their perception of the industry. In the context of responsible behavior, we increased concern for health, safety and the environment, motivated employees to continuously improve and enhance communication within and outside the chemical industry.


ISO 9001:2008(pdf , 875.77 KB)
ISO 14001:2004(pdf , 880.07 KB)
OHSAS 18001:2007(pdf , 888.24 KB)
POR 2021(pdf , 423.34 KB)
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