DIPI Koncentrat

Tinting agent for interior and exterior dispersion coats


TOP CHOICE for interior tinting and, to a limited extent, also tinting of façade paints, topcoats for wood and metal, and water-based wood sealant


  • Specific shades suitable for exteriors.
  • It enables achievement of more intense shades.
  • Possibility of intermixing.
  • High durability of shades.
  • Water based.

Benefits for the investor / contractor

  1. Possibility of quick shade selection and preparation at the implementation place.
  2. Easy and quick tinting.


MixingTool cleaning with water


When tinting white paint, add a maximum of 2 containers holding 100 ml to 10 litres of paint.


Tube 100 ml.

Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.



DIPI concentrate can be easily mixed in a variety of shades!

Example of mixing DIPI koncentrat with JUPOL Gold or Acrylcolor:



Example of mixing DIPI koncentrat with products for wood and metal:

Not recommended when using the external program. The maximum amount of DIPI koncentrat on specific products is 10% vol. Before using refer to the Technical Data Sheet. Shades are for information purposes only.


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