REVITAL Primer New generation

Equalising primer


TOP CHOICE for hair-cracked render finishes as well as fine and coarse/rustically processed surfaces.


  • It fills hair cracks of up to approximately 0.3 mm
  • It equalises the structure of the surface
  • It improves adhesion to the surface
  • It increases water-repellence
  • It equalises varying absorption of the surface

Benefits for the investor / contractor

  • Effective permanent solution for renovation of old facade surfaces
  • In a system with JUB façade paints, it ideally protects the surface against penetration of water into the render
  • Application with a roller, allows up to 70% faster implementation
  • Universal revitalization primer suitable for all substrates
  • In the renovation system, it reinforces the surface and is an excellent universal basis for all JUB facade paints
  • Suitable also in systems for renovation of historic buildings
  • Ideal basis, prior to repainting the façade surface, where there is a pronounced contrast of dark and light shades on the existing substrate. And especially when such complex substrates are refreshed with an intense facade paint that is less opaque


BrushRollerTool cleaning with waterAvoid contact with hands and eyes


  • 200-350 ml/m2


  • Container 5l, 15l


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

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