Akril Emulsion

Acrylic primer
Akril Emulsion


TOP CHOICE for all types of mineral surfaces, also suitable for gypsum-cardboards.


  • Top choice among primers
  • An adhesive bond between the surface and the coat 
  • It equalises absorption of the surface and consolidates it
  • It binds dusty particles onto the surface
  • For exterior and interior surfaces
  • Component B in case of BAVALIT, JUBOLIN F and VALIT
  • A supplement to some classic and industrially prepared mortar mixtures for improving characteristics (e.g. Renovation render).

Benefits for the investor / contractor

  1. Excellent final appearance of colour film
  2. Available in various types of packaging
  3. Best value for money
  4. It extends the treatment period of the following coat 
  5. It ensures optimum paint consumption  
  6. Convenient and versatile



BrushRollerSpray gunTool cleaning with water


90 - 100 g/m2 (this information refers to undiluted primer and normally absorbing finecoarse surfaces)


Container 1.00 kg, 5.00 kg, 18.00 kg

Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

0 kg
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