Protection of wooden and metal surfaces


Wood and metal are important construction and decorative elements used in the building of our homes. To protect them, JUB has gathered its products in the framework of the JUBIN brand, which includes transparent coats (stains) and varnishes of high quality and excellent characteristics. These products are the result of multiannual researches and comply with all legislative requirements and standards from the field of the development of translucent coats and varnishes.


Protection of wood

In its basic form, wood provides a unique mark confirming the existence of nature in our homes. Wooden linings on a facade or inside the house as well as furniture made of natural wood provide a feeling of warmth and comfort. Unfortunately, wood as a natural material is subject to ageing and various pests; therefore, it needs to be adequately protected and nurtured. To protect wood, either translucent coats or varnishes can be used. In the first case, wood texture remains visible because translucent coats are transparent, whereas in the latter case, you can paint wood with varnishes of various colour shades which are also available in the JUMIX system.

Coats and varnishes

JUBIN Lasur translucent coatings with translucent micro pigments penetrate into wood together with a binder and protect wood against environmental effects, and, at the same time, preserve its natural appearance. Wood which is exposed to external influences needs to be protected against pest – insects and microorganisms – and against potential rot and blue stain. JUB also offers an exceptionally efficient product for wood protection – JUBIN Impregnacia.

If you decide to protect and decorate wood with topcoats, you can select from among many shades of JUBIN Decor universal, which are also available on our JUMIX mixing centres. JUBIN Decor in combination with a primer is suitable for systems protection of wood. It also provides beautiful aesthetic appearance to painted surfaces.

Protection of metal

In our homes, there are usually metal surfaces which need to be protected against corrosion and, at the same time, painted surfaces become more pleasant. Among products of the JUBIN brand, we wish to particularly emphasise JUBIN Metal, which excellently protects metal surfaces. The product has excellent anti-corrosion characteristics and it can also be used on aluminium, zink and copper surfaces in the system with JUBIN Metal primer.

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