Why apply JUBIZOL facade?




Warranty conditions

We have achieved the greatest possible synergy effects among the components of EWI systems with multiannual researches and by their careful combinations. By applying accelerated ageing processes and thermal shocks in microclimatic chambers, we confirmed significantly greater time persistence and longer life span for JUBIZOL systems even under the most demanding exploitation conditions.

JUBIZOL ETICS provide a minimum 15-year guarantee, on selected JUBIZOL ETICS JUBIZOL Microair, Strong and Preimum even 25-year guarantee and therefore a long-term and sensible investment.


Financial savings

By applying the JUBIZOL ETICS with a sufficient thickness of the insulation material, consumption of energy for heating will be reduced by up to 40 percent.

Improving living conditions

JUBIZOL ETICS meet the requirements for sufficient and effective external wall insulation and ensure excellent living conditions. All our products ensure a high level of environmental awareness..

Aesthetical appearance of buildings

JUBIZOL ETICS ensure top solutions for the aesthetical appearance of buildings. Render finishes are available in the trowelled or smooth texture as well as different grain sizes. JUBIZOL systems also enable the selection of a great number of shades and the highest resistance.

Made in Slovenia

The entire JUBIZOL EWI system is manufactured in Slovenia and also all the components are manufactured locally.

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The JUB Home Painter simplifies the selection of colours and textures with typical  examples.
For any JUBIZOL ETIC system you decide to purchase, we offer a discount for the price of a colour study.
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