DECOR Acero - leather surface relief

The ACERO technique allows us to achieve the appearance of a leather surface relief or a tiny structure of maple bark. As the final layer, a number of materials can be applied providing a special patina to the final appearance. Dilute final coats appropriately if they are applied by brush.

Technique "Acero"
Preparation and manufacturing

Preparation of surface

  1. Applying an undercoat: the surface should be dry, solid, without any oil stains and similar impurities. Ensure colour equality of the surface and apply an undercoat, if necessary, to achieve a uniform colour tone of the surface. Use white paint.
  2. Smoothing the surface: with Jubolin filler (Jubolin, P25 or P50) using a stainless smoothing trowel.
  3. Sanding the surface: removing dust particles by hoovering or a fine brush.
  4. Impregnation: with Akril emulsion (1:1).

Manufacturing process

Application of Marmorin:

With a stainless smoothing trowel. Coat thickness ~2-3 mm. Surface of application is 0.5-1 m2.

Manufacture of structure – foil

It is formed with the PEHD foil (rustling foil). The structuring of the pattern must be done before Marmorin is “sucked" into the surface and starts to thicken or form surface skin. The desired structure may be created only by treating the still moist product application. Under normal conditions, leave the foil on the surface for 10 minutes or more. Thus we achieve that the pattern of Marmorin on the surface is correct. Squeeze the air from the middle of the surface towards foil edges using an upholstering brush or a synthetic sponge.

Application of JUB Décor Glamour

If necessary, dilute it with tap water up to 5 % (it is allowed only in application with Marmorin) but only when the Marmorin application is dried well (24 hours under normal conditions). The first worker applies it with a wide brush and the second one wipes off 1/3 of the application with a synthetic cloth.


Tools and material


  • PEHD foil
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Stainless rounded smoothing trowel
  • Stainless trowel
  • Synthetic fabric - polypropylene


  • Marmorin
  • JUB Decor Glamour
  • Marmorin emulsion
  • JUPOL Gold
  • Akril emulsion
  • Jubolin filler (P25, P50)

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