Wall mould in some rooms


Surfaces in some rooms and in bathroom are infected with wall mould. What should I do?



Grey to black stains, which appear due to condensation on the surface of poorly thermally insulated or non-insulated walls and ceilings and on spots of heat bridges, especially in rooms, which are difficult or impossible to aerate, whatever the reason, are nests of wall mould.    

This problem can be solved permanently only by additional or better thermal insulation of parts of the building in question. Regardless of the fact if you decide for such an intervention or not, disinfect infected surfaces well prior to the following painting and apply wall paints as resistant to wall mould as possible. 


  • Wash contaminated surfaces with wet cloth or sponge.
  • Disinfect infected surfaces. Coat the substrate with diluted Algicid Plus. If possible, rub the application using a soft brush to froth it up. Wipe the surface after 6 to 8 hours using a wet cloth and, in worse cases, re-coat it with diluted Algicid Plus after 8 to 12 hours of drying.
  • Painting is the next step. Paint the disinfected and completely dry surface twice with JUPOL Citro offering protection against fungi or any other interior wall paint (JUPOL Classic or JUPOL Gold) if it is protected against fungi with 5% of Jubocid..



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