Jubofloor 1-10

Self-levelling floor levelling compound


TOP SELECTION for preparation or fine levelling of all types of cement-bonded floor surfaces (cement plasters, concrete, terazzo, etc.), for gluing textile, plastic, parquet and other floor linings.


  • Coat thickness of up to 10mm 
  • Good self-levelling and “self-healing” effect
  • Long pot life (approximately 20 min), quick drying and hardening
  • Low contraction
  • Good adhesion to the substrate
  • Smooth surface without cracks or pores
  • Homogenous distribution across the entire cross-section;
  • High compressive and flexural strength
  • Jubofloor 1-10: CT- F7– C20

Benefits for the investor / contractor

  1. Ideal for levelling uneven surfaces
  2. Quick further treatment
  3. Long pot life
  4. Very good self-levelling



Steel finishing trowelScraperMixingTool cleaning with water


1,5 kg/m2 for 1 mm thick application


Paper bags holding 25 kilos.

Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.


0 kg
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