Revitalcolor silicate

Micro-reinforced silicate façade paint
Revitalcolor silicate


Revitalcolor silicate is a microreinforced facade paint made on the basis of potash water glass. Especially suitable for renovation of facade surfaces of buildings of cultural heritage (buildings in old city centres, churches, castles, and similar) due to specific manner of its chemical bonding to mineral surfaces. Application is also possible to well adhered old acrylic, silicate, and silicone paint coats or decorative renders.


  • Effectively fills hair cracks (up to 0,3 mm);
  • Highly water vapour permeable;
  • Water repellent;
  • Resistant to all weather conditions;
  • Excellent covering characteristics.


BrushRollerAvoid contact with hands and eyesTool cleaning with water


300 - 700 ml/m2 for a two-coat application


Container 5l, 16l.


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Mikroarmirana barva - silikat

Consumption calculator

0 l
Colour shades
  • White (shade 1001), base 1000;
  • JUB colour chart (shades marked with *);
  • It can be tinted by adding special tinting paints (some Unitons).

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